the photographic PROJECTS

The Visual Spaces of Change Projects developed for this conference adopt very diverse approaches and lenses, while at the same time, the various exhibitions and installations related to these projects share a common strategy of intervention, conceptually conceived as "visual narratives" that intentionally interfere with metropolitan territories in a self-reflexive representation of its own process of change: how architecture shapes these territories and how people live and use them. The Visual Spaces of Change Projects are sought to provoke real physical encounters in the public space, being exposed in public places such as subway stations and other metropolitan nodes of public access, behind the closed doors of various non-art related places, transmitted in livestream online and projected in various public and collective places. The encounters between individuals and those projections taking place within the scopio Photoweek will be registered and the creative content resulting from this research process will be integrated into an online visual data organization platform, which will allow for a different level of interaction between these contents and the general public.