09:30 Opening Session

Pedro Gadanho (MAAT)
José Miguel Rodrigues (FAUP)
Olívia da Silva (ESMAD)
Pedro Leão Neto (FAUP)

10:00 Opening keynote speaker: Marco Iuliano (30’)

10:45 Panel #1 - Visual Spaces of Change through Digital Images

Keynote speaker: Beate Gütschow (30´)
Moderated by Pedro Leão Neto

Beate Gütschow
Katarina Andjelkovic: Visually reinventing architecture in the pre-cinematic scenario of Idris Khan’s photographs (12´)
Zeca Osorio: Images in Dispute: Olympic Rio and Vila Autódromo (12´)
45 - 55' debate

Along the lunch-break (1,30 min), photography works of the scopio Photoweek and the project Visual Spaces of Change (VSC) will be displayed 

14:30 Panel #2 - Reframing the Public Space through Artistic and Documentary Photography on Architecture

Keynote speaker: Bas Princen (30´)
Moderated by Iñaki Bergera 

Bas Princen
Ana Miriam: Clareira: towards a phenomenological perspective in the representation of architectural space (12´)
Apostolos Kyriazis: Behavioral mapping of Abu Dhabi’s public spaces: Urban research photography and cultural clashes (12´)
Cristina Gastón: Atlas Interactive. Visual Register or Urban Architecture (12´)
45 - 55' debate

16:30 PANEL #3 - Architecture and Urban Space in the History of Photography 

Keynote speaker: Gloria Moure (30´)
Moderated by Pedro Gadanho

Gloria Moure
Ana Amado & Andrés Patiño: The invisible villages. Up-to-date Images of Settlement in Spain (12´)
Mariana von Hartenthal: Bodies in Brasília: from candangos to rock bands (12´)
SUN Haode: A visual technological enthusiasm: industrial urban spectacle: study on “Tenth Anniversary” commemorative photographic albums of China (12´)
45 - 55' debate

18:30 Closing keynote speaker Paolo Rosselli (20´)