The conference will be accompanied by the realization of the scopio Photoweek, allowing for piloting experimental curatorial actions, designed to stimulate the artistic and cultural Institutions involved in these initiatives to extend their reach to a larger public audience. This event will be curated by international experts under the direction of Pedro Leão Neto, within the context of Visual Spaces of Change research project and scopio Editions

Scopio Photoweek consists of the exhibition of photographic projects in various public spaces, such as underground stations and open spaces of collective use, seeking to generate a dynamic of interaction with simultaneous exhibitions in museums, alternative spaces of artistic production, cultural institutions and universities. The curation of the scopio Photoweek exhibition at the Museum of Art Architecture and Technology MAAT in conjunction with other instalations located in places outside the scope of conventional spaces of art and culture, seeks to broaden the public reach of the artistic and academic institutions involved by experimenting alternative expository practices in interaction with other cultural and artistic expressions such as theater, dance and cinema.

The Photographic Projects will be organized in four main categories:
i) Transformation of city spaces focusing on communicating how past architecture and city forms relate or confront present architectural programs and public spaces and their contemporary public appropriation; 
ii) Transformations of physical spaces easily accessible by citizens, while more or less constrained by socio-spatial factors, including semi-public and quasi-public urban spaces;
iii) Prospective / fictional and / or utopian vision of certain urban spaces and architecture: exploring what programs or characteristics could these spaces or architectures take over in the future; and
iv) the many possible combinations of these with the physical and virtual spaces of information flows, these former conceived as democratic places of political debate, but disembodied from physical locational factors and time constraints. 



the photographic PROJECTS

The Visual Spaces of Change Projects developed for this conference adopt very diverse approaches and lenses, while at the same time, the various exhibitions and installations related to these projects share a common strategy of intervention, conceptually conceived as "visual narratives" that intentionally interfere with metropolitan territories in a self-reflexive representation of its own process of change: how architecture shapes these territories and how people live and use them. The Visual Spaces of Change Projects are sought to provoke real physical encounters in the public space, being exposed in public places such as subway stations and other metropolitan nodes of public access, behind the closed doors of various non-art related places, transmitted in livestream online and projected in various public and collective places. The encounters between individuals and those projections taking place within the scopio Photoweek will be registered and the creative content resulting from this research process will be integrated into an online visual data organization platform, which will allow for a different level of interaction between these contents and the general public.